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Table Orders: How To Order Your Table Online

Step 1: Style

Choose your table style. You have a choice of several including: Leg Tables, Single Pedestals, Double Pedestals, Western Plank, Barn Plank, or Settler's Table. The style will be listed in the heading.


Step 2: Wood

Choose your wood. Check out our Woods page to see the different kinds we offer. The wood will be listed in the heading where you choose your style.


Step 3: Size and Extension

Choose whether you want a solid top or extension table with leaves. For the leg and pedestal tables this will be listed in the heading. For the Barn Floor, Western Plank, and Settler's you will choose this in a drop down menu. Next choose the size of your table, width, length, and height. This option will be available in a drop down menu for all tables.


Step 4: Stain

Choose your stain. You will be asked to pick whether you want your table all stained or two toned. Check out Woodwright Finishing's Website to see the stains we offer. There will be an option to write in what stain or stains you would like below the drop down menu


Step 5: Base

Choose the base on your table. If you are getting a leg table you can choose from four standard leg options: Harvest, Shaker, Mission, and Tapered Mission. If you are getting a Western Plank or Barn Floor table, you may choose from those leg options as well as a Trestle base included in the price of your table (shown in stock photo on the Barn Plank tables). You will be asked to write in your base choice below the drop down menu. Pedestal Tables are included with their base options already.


Step 6: Edge and Corner

Choose the edge and corner for your table. The Western and Barn Plank tables come with standard edges and corners. You may specify if you would like to change those standard options. If you do not pick an edge and 

corner, we will automatically make your table with a pointed corner and eased edge. You will be asked to write in your choice below the drop down menu.

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