White Minibuses

We do all of our own deliveries in house using our own truck and employees. 

We offer delivery within six hours of either of our two locations. 

Pick up is always available. 

Any delivery questions please call (215) 536-9115.

Our Deliveries


Local deliveries are considered anywhere within 100 miles of either location. Our delivery prices are based on the total cost of your order. 

$1 - $2,500 : $75

$2,501 - $5,000 : $130

$5,001+ : $175

Local Delivery 


Deliveries further than 120 miles are based on the distance. We offer a rate of $2.00 per mile to the destination. 

If you are looking to have a distance delivery rate confirmed please call us at (215) 536-9115. 

Distance Delivery

Moving Truck

For deliveries farther than six hours from our stores, we recommend contacting Plycon Shipping. They are a reputable shipping company that will deliver your furniture as quickly as possible. 

External Shipper

  • Milford Store: 2124 Milford Square Pike Milford Square, PA 18935
  • Palmer Park Mall: 123 Palmer Park Mall Easton, PA 18045
  • Milford Store: (215) 536-9115
  • Palmer Park Mall: (610) 330-6877