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Red Oak 

Red oak has a wide and open grain. It is the most durable and least expensive of the hardwoods. It makes up half of all hardwood furniture purchases, creating a timeless look for your home. 

Brown and Wormy Maple

Maple has a smoother and tighter grain than oak. Wormy Maple is nearly identical to Brown Maple, though it is characterized by little holes throughout the grain. 


Cherry has a more upscale look to it and the price tends to reflect that. It typically runs about 40% higher than oak. It has a very smooth grain similar to maple. Stains tend to come out redder on cherry. 


Elm has gained popularity in recent years. It has a strong grain like oak, though it tends to have more of a feathery grain that is really unique on any piece of furniture. It is very durable and difficult to work with and therefore tends to be sold at cherry prices. 

Quarter Sawn White Oak

Quarter Sawn White Oak is cut at an angle producing a striped grain. It was very popular years ago and is now making a comeback. It is often finished in our most popular stain: Michael's Cherry. 


Hickory is known for its color variances. Depending on the grain it can go from very light spots to very dark all within the same piece of furniture. It is usually shown in a natural finish to show off the grain. It is incredibly hard durable and heavy, which makes it a popular choice. 


Walnut has many natural variances in the grain and colors. It is a popular choice though its durability and smooth beautiful grain make walnut more expensive than some other hardwoods. Walnut tends to lean towards darker brown tones and has some color variations.


Rustic and character woods have gained popularity recently. These woods have knots, imperfections, and streaks. This rustic look can drive the price of an otherwise more expensive wood down. It also adds some character! 


Poplar is a softer hardwood. It has a finer grain that can be more attractive than pine. It can be a nice alternative to offer extra durability. It is between pine and hardwood prices. 


Pine is a softer wood, which tends to come with a lower price tag. Most of our vendors offer hardwood wormy maple tops for their pine pieces that offers an extra layer of durability. 

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