• Milford Store: 2124 Milford Square Pike Milford Square, PA 18935
  • Palmer Park Mall: 123 Palmer Park Mall Easton, PA 18045
  • Milford Store: (215) 536-9115
  • Palmer Park Mall: (610) 330-6877

About Us:
We sell a wide variety of household furnishings. It is all American made Amish furniture. We sell tables and chairs, bedroom furniture, entertainment centers and more. It is available in solid oak, cherry, maple, and more! Each is available in a variety of colors and styles. 
Our Innovative Design:
We are continually bringing in new styles of furniture to display on our showroom floor. From country, classic, and modern there is something available for every space. Our options are rarely limited to what is shown and most pieces can come in different sizes, stains, and woods. 
Shop Our Products:
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