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About Us:
We sell a wide variety of household furnishings. It is all American made Amish furniture. We sell tables and chairs, bedroom furniture, entertainment centers and more. It is available in solid oak, cherry, maple, and more! Each is available in a variety of colors and styles. 
Our Innovative Design:
We are continually bringing in new styles of furniture to display on our showroom floor. From country, classic, and modern there is something available for every space. Our options are rarely limited to what is shown and most pieces can come in different sizes, stains, and woods. 
Shop Our Products:
We now have an online store where you can purchase floor stock from the convenience of your home. We offer both pickup and delivery for our products purchased online. Please take a look at our delivery page for more information on shipping and delivery. 

Customer Reviews

A. G. 

"Absolutely beautiful furniture, quality is top-notch and customer service is also excellent. Highly recommended and will be back for future purchases. Thank you Milford Furniture for turning our house into a home."

Phil D.

"Not all Amish furniture makers are created equal. These people only do business with the best and are very particular. It can take some time for delivery because everything is custom-made to order, but if you want good, made in USA, heirloom furniture that is worth the wait, this is a great place to try."

Anne G. 

"This company is a top-notch customer-driven company. We have purchased in the past and will continue to purchase in the future. Milford Furniture has some beautiful USA made furniture that can be altered to fit your specifications."

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